Training Donkey Car on Google Colab

Update: If you can’t find the model trained by colab, read this article to solve version issue.

One of the most time consuming task after you built the Donkey car must be training the model. It could easily take you 30 minutes or more if you don’t have a GPU on your PC. I have been using AWS for training models via the Donkey Car Console. It has been great except that I have to pay for the EC2 spot instance. Recently I have been using Google Colab a lot and therefore have the chance to create a notebook that could train the donkey car model. Google Colab is good because it is completely FREE and almost all of us have a google account.

Once properly setup, Colab is very handy to perform task such as training donkey car model. It just takes around 3–5 minutes to complete the training. One of the most annoying thing about Colab is that the upload speed is quite slow so it may take more than 10 minutes to upload your training data. Luckily I have found a way to solve this. So if you are interested, click the button below to check this notebook on Google Colab.

Feel free to fork the repo and give me some feedback.

You can open the colab notebook by going to the following link

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