Setting up Google Coral USB accelerator on Raspberry Pi 4 for Donkey Car

1. Make sure you have a steady power supply

Coral draws significant amount of energy from the Pi USB 3 interface. If you are experiencing under voltage, the pi will be throttled

Use this handy one-liner to check the status.

You can also stress test your Pi to see if your power supply is stable enough.

2. Take care of system cooling

Install a big heatsink like this before you start. Pi will be throttled and therefore affect the performance of the coral.

3. Install Edgetpu library

Follow official doc. On Pi 4, you might experience this error

I have add the following lines in edgetpu_api/ to make it work:

You might also run into the following error:

As advised by the coral doc, copy the library for python 3.7

4. Run a demo

5. Install the EdgeTPU in your virtual env

I am primarily using the coral for Donkey car so I need the virtual environment to support edgetpu library as well.

If you are setting up your local PC to use the coral and you are using conda, do this:

That’s it. If you have any question, just leave me some message. If you want to purchase donkey car, you could visit our store and check out our community on facebook.

Love Self-driving technology and machine learning. Community leader in DIYRobocar Hong Kong.

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